CFB Power Rankings (Week 7)

  1. Georgia (7-0)
    • The Dawgs are back to smushing every opponent and clearly have looked like the best
      team in the Country this year. A bye week followed by a home game against Florida
      should set them up to remain undefeated when they welcome Tennessee to Athens. That
      game could decide the East if the Vols stay perfect, and boy could that be a special one.
      The one style that could get the best of Georgia, the elite air attack. Can’t freaking wait.
  2. Ohio St (6-0)
    • Pretty ho-hum for the Buckeyes so far this season as they’ve destroyed everyone they
      should. A game @ Penn St and the Michigan game still await to test them, but for now
      they are right there with Georgia at the top. CJ Stroud has been unbelievable and this
      young WR group is getting better with every week. The questions come on defense, and
      if they can slow down Michigan’s running game.
  3. Tennessee (6-0)
    • Well the Vols are the talk of College Football for the first time in decades after knocking
      off Alabama. Hendon Hooker is absolutely electric, has to be right there with Stroud for
      the Heisman, and they look poised to head to Athens, Georgia in a couple weeks
      undefeated with a chance to make this one of the greatest seasons in school history.
      Even without a victory though 11-1 is a real possibility. These are your fathers Tennessee
  4. Clemson (7-0)
    • Taking care of business. That’s this season in a nutshell for the Clemson Tigers, as they
      continue to roll through the ACC, not super convincingly but they are finding ways to win.
      A matchup at home against undefeated Syracuse gives them a chance to flex their
      muscle a bit, but there’s just not much elite competition in the ACC right now. Of anyone
      in the Country Clemson looks like the best lock to make the playoff at the halfway point.
  5. Michigan (7-0)
    • Michigan absolutely took it to Penn St in a game that has to have the entire state of Ohio
      shaking just a bit. The Wolverines look almost like a spitting image of last season’s
      special group, arguably with an upgrade at QB to boot. The schedule is weak the rest of
      the way until they head to Columbus in what should be the deciding game in the Big Ten
      and virtually a Playoff play-in game.
  6. Alabama (6-1)
    • Never thought we’d see the day that a Nick Saban Alabama team would lose a game in
      which they scored 49 points, but here we are. What can we make of this defense? Did
      they just face a lightning in a bottle offense nobody else can replicate? Reminder folks,
      this was the Alabama team everyone thought was the clear-cut no.1 coming into the
      season. The offense has sputtered at times, penalties all over the place and now the
      defense gives up 52…trouble in paradise?
  7. TCU (6-0)
    • Well it hasn’t been pretty, but TCU is undefeated and looks to be in control of the Big 12
      at the halfway point. Who had that in August? Sonny Dykes deserves immense praise for
      this coaching job, and while he may not get the recognition he deserves quite yet, they’re
      on a collision course with in-state rival Texas in mid-November that could decide the
      Conference. Win that game, with the Big-12, he’ll get his flowers.
  8. USC (6-1)
    • One thing is for certain following a 43-42 loss at Utah, ya can’t have any critiques of this
      Lincoln Riley/Caleb Williams lead offense. Williams has been special, as advertised but
      Lincoln Riley appears to have brought his matador defense from Oklahoma with him to
      USC. Utah is a good team, but you can’t play this poorly defensively and compete for a
      Natty. I know it’s year 1, but warning signs are here.
  9. Oregon (5-1)
    • Quietly Oregon has earned its way back to where they started the season as a top-10 team. The Georgia drubbing was bad, but ultimately not disastrous. They now get undefeated UCLA at home with a chance to cement themselves at the top of the Pac-12. Bo Nix is playing really well, the defense looks better and better, and the stench from that Week 1 performance is starting to fade. The playoff is theoretically viable.
  1. UCLA (6-0)
    • Chip Kelly and UCLA are right there with TCU for most surprising undefeated teams at
      the halfway point. I think the bloom will come off the rose this weekend at Oregon, but
      DTR and this offense are electric. They have every chance to knock USC out of
      contention in November, and could go into it 9-1. A win this weekend would be the
      shocker of all shockers, and if it happens would then put the Bruins in the CFP
      discussion. Wild.
  2. Oklahoma St (5-1)
    • Ya hate to say it but it was another Mike Gundy-esque loss after blowing a large lead at
      TCU Saturday. The Big-12 was there for the taking, and they blew it. In theory it is still
      possible, but the defense just doesn’t look good enough to get it done. Now they take on
      white hot Texas, could be a rough stretch. Sanders is also rumored to be playing through
      an injury…not good for the Pokes.
  3. Ole Miss (7-0)
    • Undefeated but likely the weakest schedule of all the undefeated teams, and I imagine it
      will come crashing down soon. This is a good team, not a great team. They can run the
      ball, but QB and defense remain a concern. LSU could knock em off, but even if they
      survive Baton Rouge the schedule stays tough the rest of the way. They will get exposed
  4. Penn St (5-1)
    • Not many teams can go to the Big House right now and look good, but the beat down that
      Penn St took on Saturday in the 2 nd half was almost as bad as it gets. The offense was
      putrid, and aside from a pick 6 the defense got manhandled by Michigan. Again, not a
      fate many teams would avoid, but you would have liked to see them put up a better fight.
      They still get a chance at home to knock off Ohio St, which could fully shakeup the Big
  5. Wake Forest (5-1)
    • Wake Forest is flying under the radar a little bit at this point, as they’ve given Clemson
      the most difficult shot of the season and have a couple impressive wins. Sam Harman is
      a stud and this offense is elite, and frankly the defense has improved. 11-1 is perfectly
      realistic, and while it isn’t likely, you look at this schedule and wonder who can possibly
      slow this offense down? NC St on the road is likely the biggest test, but for now Wake is
      set for a historic year.
  6. Syracuse (6-0)
    • Speaking of historic years, the Orange are now undefeated and headed to Clemson with
      a chance to have an all-time start to the season. Now, do I think this run heavy offense is
      going to go into Clemson and win? Absolutely not. But, these are the games, and the
      starts to seasons that make College football so special. This defense is good, the run
      game is special, I just don’t trust Shrader to make big time throws when they need it.
  7. Kansas St (5-1)
    • Kansas St will be kicking themselves over that blunder against Tulane earlier in the
      season, because without that they would be undefeated with some very impressive wins.
      Alas, they have a stain on the resume and head to TCU hoping to play spoiler. Still,
      Adrian Martinez has been special alongside elite RB Deuce Vaughn. The defense isn’t
      great but neither is TCU’s so it should be a fun shootout. A win and suddenly K-St is
      holding the Big 12 hostage.
  8. Illinois (6-1)
    • Probably the surprise of the season is Bret Bielema and this Illinois team that should really be undefeated despite a dud @ Indiana early in the season. The Illini are essentially the Wisconsin of old, run it down your throat, play great defense and hope the QB takes care of the ball. When you see Illinois, just pretend it’s that big red W. Amazingly, we could see a throwdown between Purdue and Illinois in Champaign to decide the Big Ten West. I say again, who had that on their bingo card?
  1. Utah (5-2)
    • Saturday against USC was a perfect encapsulation of the season for Utah. Up and down
      play and inconsistency have led to 2 losses but they got hot at the right time and came
      back to beat everyones Pac-12 favorite in a shootout. The defense is concerning, but
      Cam Rising leading this offense has been special and the Pac-12 and a Rose Bowl
      appearance is fully in the cards. Not sure what to make of the Utes going forward, and a
      tough game @ Wash St following a bye week could be another slip up spot.
  2. Texas (5-2)
    • Quinn Ewers is back and with him starting and playing the full game Texas has not lost.
      We are going to find out just how good this team is this coming weekend when they travel
      to Oklahoma St, and a win in this one would start the conversation of whether a 2 loss
      Big 12 champ Texas team could sniff the playoff given the losses were without QB 1. I
      don’t think it’ll happen, but you know that conversation will happen, especially if they tear
      through the schedule the rest of the way.
  3. Kentucky (5-2)
    • Not sure what to make of this Kentucky team to be honest, solid defense, great running
      back but man when they are forced to throw the ball it falls apart. This offensive line can
      push people around in the running game, but Levis is constantly running for his life when
      they have to throw. They get a bye week and then head to Knoxville, I don’t think it is
      going to go well, but they’ve surprised me before. I think they go 3-2 the rest of the way,
      not a bad season but they’re not good enough to beat Tennessee/Georgia.
  4. UNC (6-1)
    • Drake Maye is the best unknown commodity in CFB, as he’s a RS Freshman that is
      absolutely tearing it up. The Tar Heels defense is abysmal, although it has looked slightly
      better recently, but this 6-1 record is solely on the shoulders of this young kid. Maye
      should be getting more National attention, but a few more wins could put him on a
      National stage against Sam Hartman in a game that could finish in the 60’s both sides.
  5. N.C. State (5-2)
    • No idea what to make of NC St with Devin Leary out, but one thing you do know for sure
      is this defense is nasty. The problem is the offense can’t stay on the field. It’s an
      unfortunate injury that puts a damper on one of the best teams in school history. Yet and
      still, their two losses are on the road against undefeated Syracuse and Clemson. Not a
      bad resume thus far, but I fear they are staring 7-5 in the face with this new QB situation.
  6. LSU (5-2)
    • An up and down season so far LSU has a chance to put themselves on the map this
      weekend with undefeated Ole Miss coming to town. The line favors the Tigers, but it
      really depends which version of this team shows up. Tennessee has already walked into
      Baton Rouge and embarrassed this team, but they quickly bounced back with a win in the
      swamp. Jaden Daniels is electric, but can quickly look incompetent at times. I think they
      win it, but a loss would put more heat on this staff.
  7. Oregon St (5-2)
    • The Beavers are one of the unsung stories of the season, but they’ve pushed USC to the
      brink and then lost at Utah, not exactly two bad losses. They have a chance to roll off 4
      wins in a row to set up a massive season finale against in state rival Oregon with major
      Pac-12 implications. The QB situation is a bit murky but man this defense is very solid.
  8. Purdue (5-2)
    • Aiden O’Connell and Purdue have bounced back from a 1-2 start that featured 2 last
      second defeats to Penn St and Syracuse who have both had fantastic starts. The
      Boilermakers are right there with Illinois to represent the West in the Big Ten
      Championship and a trip to Champaign mid-November is going to likely determine who
      makes it. This offense is scary good, especially the connection between O’Connell and
      Charlie Jones, but the defense could be the reason they don’t reach the title game.

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