CFB Power Rankings (Week 3)

  1. Georgia (2-0) (–)
    • 82-3…that’s the cumulative score for the Dawgs through 2 weeks, what else can you say? A trip to S. Carolina next weekend presents a tough road SEC challenge, but with the way this team is playing it likely will get ugly. However, after a crazy Week 2, could the Dawgs be next in line to be upset? 24 points is the line, maybe the Cocks come out swinging. I doubt an upset but maybe S. Carolina can cover. On the flip side another 30-40 point blowout would cement the Dawgs at the top. 
  2. Alabama (2-0) (–)
    • 20.5 point favorites heading to the great state of Texas and Nick Saban and co found themselves in an absolute war. They came away with the W, but alarms are sounding after all those penalties, the offensive struggles and allowing a backup QB to have them on the ropes. You could argue Texas wins that game with Ewers healthy, but the big question for Bama now is the offense as it doesn’t look nearly as explosive as we thought. Do they have the weapons for Bryce Young to truly be an undefeated National Champs threat?
  3. Ohio St (2-0) (–)
    • Back on schedule with a blowout of who cares, the Buckeyes put up 45 and for at least a week have quieted the noise. The Buckeyes are going to get tested this year, it’s just not any time soon. Matchups in October @ Sparty and Penn St will show us more. In the meantime, they will continue to sit at the top as long as they take care of business.
  4. Clemson (2-0) (–)
    • Not much to say here as the Tigers clapped around Furman as they should have. Another cupcake next week keeps Clemson and DJ out of the spotlight until ACC play gets going again next week at Wake Forest. Still a lot to prove on offense but the defense keeps Clemson at no. 4.  
  5. Michigan (2-0) (+1)
    • Probably the weakest non-conference schedule of any Power 5 team, Michigan continues to roll over terrible football teams. JJ McCarthy looked good and was named the official QB 1, but questions remain about the defense after all the losses from last years group. The wolverines won’t get tested until October, a loss before that will be a crazy upset.
  6. Oklahoma (2-0) (+3)
    • Back to back thumping’s and a trip to Lincoln after Scott Frost gets fired sets Oklahoma up to go 3-0 in non-con play. Texas looked great against Bama, but the Sooners are still looking like the best of the Big 12. Beware of Nebraska though, post coach firing could be a huge turnaround…or they’ll be an absolute disaster. Could go either way.
  7. Arkansas (2-0) (+3)
    • Sam Pittman has the Razorbacks rolling behind a tough offensive line that is allowing KJ Jefferson, Rocket Sanders and the cavalry to run down everyone’s throats. The D has some holes but they very well could be undefeated when Bama comes to town Oct 1 which would be absolute pandemonium in the state of Arkansas. Woo Pig.
  8. USC (2-0) (+5)
    • The Lincoln Riley experiment is off to a glowing start as the Trojans took it to Stanford, and while the final was only 13 they got out fast and never were in danger. The offense is absolutely humming as Caleb Williams and Jordan Addison might be the most lethal connection in the country. Again, the D is a major concern as Stanford moved the ball at will, but it might not matter if they just dump 45 on every team. 
  9. Miami (FL) (2-0) (+2)
    • So far, no real tests but they are destroying teams like they are supposed to. This week they get Texas A&M off the most embarrassing loss in school history. Tough spot for the Hurricanes. I like Miami to win, but it’s not easy to face a team that just got embarrassed, especially away from home. Still, Van Dyke and this offense is so much better than what the Aggies have going.
  10. BYU (2-0) (+14)
    • My favorite team through 2 weeks, they are 2-0 but most importantly they are 2-0 vs the spread, cha-ching. They have a road test with Oregon who most have written off but not me. This is the toughest test yet, even with a home W against Baylor going to Eugene is never easy. It could be very high scoring, and the health of WR 1 and 2 for the Cougars is something to watch. Early tease I like BYU +3.5.
  11. Utah (1-1) (-4)
    • Utah got back on track but fall in the rankings just due to others capitalizing on their opportunities more. I still like Utah in the Pac-12 to be right there with USC especially since they host the Trojans. They are everything Iowa/Wisconsin want to be with a strong running game and solid D. I still think with Rising they can compete with the best in the Country. What’s the true difference between Utah and Michigan? I don’t see one. 
  12. Kentucky (2-0) (+6)
    • How can Kentucky be below Utah after doing what the Utes couldn’t and winning in the Swamp? The answer is simple, Florida lost that game, Kentucky didn’t win it. Anthony Richardson gifted Kentucky 14 points, the offense mustered only 12. I don’t know why Richardson played so poorly, it wasn’t Kentucky making spectacular plays he just made bonehead throws. Utah looked more impressive despite loosing and will be a better team this season.
  13. Florida (1-1) (–)
    • Florida is a top-10 team if Anthony Richardson plays well, not even to his ceiling just 75% of it. Against Kentucky was the worst he could look, and still they had a chance to win and led at the half. This defense is not getting the credit it deserves and the running game is pretty good. They put a little too much on the raw Richardson against Kentucky and he gifted them 14 points. I think they’ll fix that going forward. Use his legs and make the simple plays and Florida is a problem.
  14. N.C. State (2-0) (+1)
    • Saturday was a get right game for the Wolfpack and they better hope they did because they welcome a frisky Texas Tech team that can legitimately beat them. The good news is they face a poor defense, but Donovan Smith is a legit dual threat QB who if he can limit the Interceptions can be elite. Red Raiders +10.5 is the play but I still think Leary gets the Wolfpack the W in an unexpected dog fight.
  15. Tennessee (2-0) (NR)
    • I hadn’t believed in Tennessee, and I still might not but you have to give it to them for going on the road and beating Pitt. However, Slovis getting hurt might be the only reason for that as Pitt was dominating prior to his injury. I’m fading Tennessee for now as their defense is just not good enough to win SEC games. They caught a break, but reality will be coming soon.
  16. Oklahoma St (2-0) (+1)
    • I’m still on wait and see watch with the Cowboys, as they took care of a below average Arizona St team. I’m worried about the D and Spencer Sanders has a ceiling that limits them. A road test against Baylor in a couple weeks will tell us more about where they stand. They’re an AP-top 10 team but I am not buying that, 15-20 suits them much better.
  17. Minnesota (2-0) (+3)
    • The most under-appreciated team in college football. To be fair, they haven’t had a true test yet, but they should be the clear favorite to represent the West in the Big Ten. Great running game, 6th year QB and a defense that has allowed 10 points through 2 games. Another cupcake awaits, but next week they head to Michigan St when they can really make a statement.
  18. Texas (1-1) (–)
    • Texas is back. I think it’s officially time to say that after they only go down to Bama by a point on a last second FG. They had every chance to win that game, despite QB Ewers going down in the first half. The defense looked way better than expected and they are very much alive in the Big 12 race if Ewers can get back quickly. Still, they could run off some wins with Card and hope Ewers can be back by 10/8 when they go to Oklahoma.
  19. Ole Miss (2-0) (+3)
    • QB is the question, but that O-line and running game is unquestionably dangerous. But, in the SEC you can’t get by with average QB play especially with a weaker defense. They haven’t been truly tested but I think Ole Miss will be in for some rough Saturday’s once SEC play gets going. For now, they sit at 2-0 with two dominant wins. I wouldn’t be surprised if they struggle with Georgia Tech.
  20. Michigan St (2-0) (+3)
    • Sparty is getting a lot of love, but a trip to Washington could strip away some of the shine. Michael Penix is a legit dual threat QB and I think he might expose this defense, but the real question is can the Huskies stop this running game? That’s the calling card for Sparty and they will assuredly lean on it. We’ll see how far it can carry them.
  21. Pitt (1-1) (-6)
    • Not an embarrassing loss when you lose QB 1 and the backup was limping around and you still have a chance to win. Pitt has a solid D-line and just needs to get Slovis back to be a true contender in the ACC. Without Slovis they may be in for a rough ride, I’m judging on them with him though for the moment.
  22. Baylor (1-1) (-3)
    • As predicted Baylor fell to BYU, but they put up a stronger fight than I anticipated and look frisky. Shapen and the offense still don’t have quite enough punch for me to put them ahead of the other Big 12 players but this is still a solid football team thanks to its defense. A couple easy tests the next few weeks until they welcome Oklahoma St in a must win if you want to be relevant.
  23. Oregon (1-1) (+2)
    • Oregon gets a chance to get back in the good graces of the nation as they welcome a red hot BYU team this weekend. The blowout against Georgia was alarming but I still think this is a top-25 team. You can’t convince me that 90% of teams wouldn’t face the same result playing the Dawgs in Georgia. Bo Nix is good, not elite but good enough to win 9 games. They need this one against BYU, and they’re favored. Pressure is on.
  24. Penn St (2-0) (NR)
    • An impressive win week 1 at Purdue put Penn St right on the fringe, and thanks to some flops by teams ahead they break through this week. They have a solid secondary, a solid running game and Sean Clifford has looked good thus far. I don’t buy them as contenders in the East but they’re good enough to live in this 20-30 range.
  25. Mississippi St (2-0) (NR)
    • Right there with Minnesota for most overlooked teams in the country Mississippi St continues to get absolutely robbed by voters. Will Rogers is one of the best QB’s in the Country and runs one of the most elite offenses in the country in classic Mike Leach fashion. A trip to LSU is the perfect opportunity for them to make themselves relevant, it’s also a big-time flop opportunity. You have to have these.

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